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2022-23 NSU Graduate Catalog 
2022-23 NSU Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Master’s Degree Requirements

All degree programs require a culminating activity termed a Capstone Experience.  The capstone experience encourages the use of skills learned and knowledge gained to demonstrate competency in one or more areas of the degree discipline.  Capstone Experience options differ with each program; students should consult the degree program information and their faculty advisor for more information about completing the Capstone Experience.  Guidelines for research papers, projects, and theses are available on the Graduate College website.  Capstone experiences include:

  1. Comprehensive examination (Oral or written or combination)
  2. Research paper, project, or portfolio
  3. Thesis
  4. Synergistic Experience
  5. Second internship
  6. Additional, specified coursework or capstone course (Must be approved by advisor, advisory committee, and Graduate Dean)
  7. Other option (Must be approved by advisor, advisory committee, and Graduate Dean)


Curriculum Organization

Master’s degree curricula are designed to help students demonstrate a mastery or high-order overview of a specific field of study or professional practice. Students earning a Master’s degree possess in-depth content knowledge, advanced theoretical knowledge, analysis and professional application skills, and the ability to evaluate and conduct research in their field of study.  At NSU, all graduate level courses are numbered at the 5000 level.  Faculty advisors counsel and guide students as they progress through their programs.


English  Proficiency

English proficiency is required of all students graduating from NSU. Graduate students must meet the following minimum test scores. Some programs may require a higher score. Please check the program catalog page for program specific requirements.

TOEFL Test Minimum Scores
     Internet-based 79
     Paper-based 550
IELTS Test 6.5

Graduate students may satisfy the English Language requirement by completing a baccalaureate or graduate degree from a college or university where English is the primary teaching language in a country where English is a primary language and that is recognized by professional organizations in the U.S. involved in admissions and international education. (OSRHE Policy, 3.9.5.A.4)

An international applicant for whom English is a regularly spoken language in the home must sign a statement to that effect.



Degree Deadlines

Currently enrolled students who expect to complete degree and/or certificate requirements must file an application for master’s degree and/or certificate by March 1 for summer graduation, August 1 for fall graduation, and January 1 for spring graduation.  If requirements are not met, students must reapply for the appropriate semester.

In order for the degree to be posted in the semester for which the student applied, all documentation must be received in the Graduate College within one week of the close of the semester.  If documentation is not received within the time frame, the student will have to reapply for the next graduation conferral term.  Documentation includes official transcripts (mailed directly from the school) of coursework completed at other schools, final approved research papers, projects, theses, and capstone experiences, notifications of comprehensive examinations, courses with incomplete grades changed to permanent grades, grade changes and/or course substitutions.

Students who have attended NSU, but did not enroll in the immediate past semester (summer sessions are not included), must complete an application for admission. Students who have enrolled in another college since attending NSU must also submit official transcripts of all work attempted. If the student’s grade point average meets retention standards and his/her disciplinary record is satisfactory, s/he will be admitted.

Students must meet all degree requirements for graduation as outlined in the Master’s Degree Requirements and program requirement sections of this catalog. Degrees are recorded on the student’s transcript. Diplomas will be mailed approximately twelve weeks after the conferral date.


Degrees are conferred at the end of fall, spring and summer semesters.  Students completing degree requirements at the end of a summer term may participate in the spring commencement. Tahlequah campus graduation ceremonies are held during the fall and spring of each year and are open to all NSU students, no matter their home campus. The Broken Arrow campus graduation ceremony is held only during the spring. Broken Arrow students completing in the fall may attend the ceremony at the Tahlequah campus in December or may attend the Broken Arrow ceremony the following May.

Graduation with Honors

NSU recognizes graduate degree candidates who have demonstrated superior academic performance. Students who qualify for honors based upon coursework up to their final semester will be recognized on the commencement program.  To be eligible for such recognition a candidate must have a 4.0 grade point average (not rounded).


  1. Students must earn a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 to attain a master’s degree.
  2. The catalog in effect at the time of the student’s initial full-time enrollment at NSU shall govern degree and program requirements, provided that the student has had continuous enrollment. Continuous enrollment will be defined as not being out of NSU for more than two consecutive enrollment periods.  Students who have been out three semesters will be subject to any new degree requirements.
  3. Once a program has been suspended or deleted, a student has three years to complete the degree.  A student may not declare an inactive program.  For further information, See Discontinued Programs section under Academic Information.


Second Master’s Degree

Combining a Program and/or Certificates. Students may pursue one master’s degree and up to two certificates at one time.  Students may also pursue up to three certificates at one time without pursuing a master’s degree.

Second Master’s Degree. A second master’s degree may be earned by completing the required courses for the degree including the minimum number of degree hours required.  The calculation for the number of hours begins with the first hour completed after the first master’s degree was awarded.  If some of the courses required for the second degree were completed as part of the first degree, the coursework must be either substituted with other comparable coursework or repeated, depending upon the advisor’s recommendation considering the age, content and grades of the first coursework. The research course must be repeated if the course will be more than six years old upon the receipt of the second master’s degree.



Procedure Office to Contact Timetable
File Application for Admission, order Supporting documents Graduate College Tahlequah Campus At least 30 days prior to semester
Receive Letter of acceptance Graduate College Tahlequah Campus Prior to first enrollment
Initial acceptance Advisor Listed In acceptance letter As noted on letter of acceptance
Complete entrance exam (MAT, GRE, GMAT) if needed Submit score to graduate college Must be on file before the close of the first semester of 5000 level coursework.
Complete Program Admission

Contact Advisor

See program details
File Plan of Study and Statement Of Understanding

Contact Advisor

See program details
Additional Requirements

Contact Advisor

Varies by Program
Final Degree Audit

Student Access/On web

The next to the last semester of coursework to complete the degree.
Submit Application for Master’s Degree or Certificate (online) Graduate College Deadlines: January 1 for spring; March 1-Summer; August 1-Fall
Notice concerning arrangements for Commencement Office of the Registrar Approximately one month before date of commencement, posted on the website.