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2019-20 NSU Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-20 NSU Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

EDUC 4032 - Pre-Internship II

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Description: A junior-senior level observation and participation experience placing emphasis on a high level of participation in the teaching-learning process.  Teacher candidates must arrange course schedules to allow for ten (10) full days, one day for 10 weeks, for field-based experience.  Teacher candidates shall be required to utilize instructional skills, demonstrate an understanding of human behavior and reflect a general fitness for the role of the professional teacher. 

Credit Hours: 2
Contact Hours:

Prerequisite: EDUC 3113 Educational Psychology and EDUC 3313 Clinical Teaching/Pre-Internship I.  EDUC 4823 Emerging Technologies and SPED 4433 Intro to Education of Children with Exceptionalities should be taken as prerequisites or concurrently.
Co-requisite: ECED 4513 Organization and Implementation of Early Childhood Education , EDUC 4353 Secondary Teaching Methods and Practices, ELED 4563 Management of the Elementary Classroom and Curriculum, or SPED 4563 Methods and Case Studies in Special Education.
Restrictions: Must be admitted to Teacher Education, have a passing score on the Oklahoma General Education Test (OGET); and have a minimum GPA of 2.50 (2.75 for Early Childhood Ed, Elementary Ed, and Special Ed majors) overall, in the major field of study, and professional core.
Note: Written application to Pre-Internship II is made at least one semester in advance of the time the candidate wishes his/her internship. Pre-Internship II is not offered in summer sessions.