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2021-22 NSU Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-22 NSU Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

MILS 3014 - Military Leadership: Leadership and Problem Solving

Description: Examines basic skills that underlie effective problem solving. Analyzes the role officers played in the transition of the Army from Vietnam to the 21st Century. Reviews the features and execution of the Leadership Development Program. Analyzes military missions and plan military operations. Executes squad battle drills. Three hours weekly of physical fitness training plus one weekend of field training exercise is required during the semester.

Credit Hours: 4
Co-requisite: MILS 3010L Military Leadership: Leadership and Problem Solving Lab.
Restrictions: Junior standing plus one of the following conditions:

  • Completion of Army ROTC basic courses
  • Attendance in either Leaders Training Course (LTC) or Accelerated Cadet Commissioning Training (ACT)
  • Veteran status
  • Completion of basic training with any component of US Armed Forces or High School ROTC