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2023-24 NSU Graduate Catalog 
2023-24 NSU Graduate Catalog

BIOL 5164 - Medical Microbiology

CIP Code: 260503
Description: Students learn about different classes of pathogens that cause diseases including bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminths, and viruses. Different strategies involved in control and treatment of infections caused by pathogens are also covered along with basic principles of immunology and epidemiology. Various microbiology-related techniques and strategies related to the diagnosis of infectious diseases will be learned through laboratory experiences.

Credit Hours: 4
Lecture contact hours per week: 3
Lab / Studio contact hours per week: 3
Prerequisite: BIOL 3224 Microbiology.
Co-requisite: BIOL 5164L Medical Microbiology Lab.
Cross-listed: BIOL 4164.
Note: Credit cannot be earned in both BIOL 4164 and BIOL 5164