Student ID:__________________________ Student Name:_______________________ Adviser Name:_______________________ Catalog: 2018-19 NSU Undergraduate Catalog Program: CR J Emergency Management and Planning Certificate Minimum Credits Required:__________________

CR J Emergency Management and Planning Certificate

Certificate Code:  9707

This 24 hour academic certificate is offered by the Criminal Justice & Legal Studies department through the College of Extended Learning.  The two (2) semester Certificate program will offer courses in an accelerated and blended delivery format.  Through the Certificate, students will:

  • Identify and evaluate risks and develop mitigation, preparation, response and recovery plans;
  • Design training and exercise events that effectively coordinate public and private resources;
  • Develop strong interpersonal, technology, and social media skills to facilitate building mutual partnerships in emergency management;
  • Develop collaborative vision and leadership in emergency management to administer successful intergovernmental, interagency, and interdisciplinary programs;
  • Make decisions, solve problems and use critical thinking skills within the emergency management process;
  • Develop clear and effective oral and written communication skills.


Course NameTerm TakenGradeGen Ed

First 8 Weeks:

CR J 3673 - Emergency Management Skills
CR J 4713 - Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment

Second 8 Weeks:

CR J 3613 - Emergency and Disaster Planning
CR J 4723 - Exercise Design and Evaluation #

Third 8 Weeks:

CR J 4663 - Disaster Response Operations and Management #
CR J 3663 - Disaster Response and Recovery #

Fourth 8 Weeks:

CR J 3733 - Crisis Communications for Emergency Managers #
CR J 4763 - Information Technology and Emergency Operations Centers #