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2008-09 NSU Undergraduate Catalog 
2008-09 NSU Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

College of Science and Health Professions

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The College of Science and Health Professions provides in-depth education for students who select majors and minors in the college and general education courses for those who select majors in other colleges.

The program and facilities of the College of Science and Health Professions are designed and are continuously adjusted to provide: (A) a professional and academic experience for students who determine to professionally prepare themselves in fields directly related to the programs of the College, and (B) a useful experience for those who have selected preparation in fields primarily related to other divisions within the university. The programs are intended to be of service to students and an integrated part of the university purpose and curriculum. The specific objectives are as follows:

  1. General Education — For those students who do not plan to work in the fields of science or mathematics there is an attempt to demonstrate and promote knowledge of and appreciation for the fundamental laws of the universe. With development of a scientific approach and an understanding of the laws of natural phenomena, a better appreciation of civilization in a scientific and technological world can be achieved.
  2. Bachelor of Science Degree Programs — The College offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Science Degree with majors in:
    1. Biology — Cellular Emphasis
    2. Biology — Organismic Emphasis
    3. Biology — Fisheries and Wildlife Emphasis
    4. Chemistry
    5. Computer Science
    6. Environmental Science
    7. Human and Family Sciences
    8. Mathematics
    9. Medical Technology/Clinical Laboratory Science
    10. Nursing
    11. Speech-Language Pathology

The program in each area along with a specified or recommended minor is designed to meet needs for professional employment in the field or to meet prerequisite requirements for graduate study in these areas.

  1. Teacher Education-Certification Program — For those who desire to work toward the degree of Bachelor of Science in Education and State Certification in Natural Science or Mathematics a program is offered to provide for the different interests and aptitudes of the students. The College offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in Education in:
    1. Science — Biology, Chemistry or Physics emphasis
    2. Mathematics
  2. Pre-Professional Programs — Rigorous science and mathematics course sequences are provided to develop strong backgrounds in vital academic areas prior to more technical and specialized training in professional or graduate schools for the chosen field. Specific programs exist for fields such as:
    1. Dentistry
    2. Dental Hygiene
    3. Engineering
    4. Medicine
    5. Nursing
    6. Occupational Therapy
    7. Optometry
    8. Osteopathic Medicine
    9. Pharmacy
    10. Physical Therapy
    11. Physician Associate
    12. Podiatry
    13. Radiologic Technology
    14. Veterinary Medicine
  3. Minor Programs — The College offers minor programs specifically in Environmental Science, Geology, Computer Science, Fisheries and Wildlife, and in all College academic areas with major programs.

NOTE: # following course titles indicates a Liberal Arts and Sciences course.

At least 50 percent of the major must be advanced (3000, 4000) courses within the College of Science and Health Professions; 50 percent of the major must be earned at NSU.

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