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2015-16 NSU Undergraduate Catalog 
2015-16 NSU Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Psychology - General, B.A. - Major Code 6750

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A Bachelor of Arts degree may be earned in General Psychology.  The undergraduate degree consists of 25 hours of core Psychology courses, in which a minimum “C” grade is required in each course, and 17 hours of upper level (3000/4000) Psychology electives for a total of 42 hours.  Psychology majors are required to select a minor consisting of 18 hours in a discipline other than Psychology or a second major. 

Non-Psychology majors may earn a minor in Psychology.  See Minor Requirements below. 

General Education Requirements

A minimum of 49 hours of academic work in general education is required during the freshman and sophomore years.  For students transferring with the Associate of Arts degree or Associate of Science degree from a public institution in Oklahoma, all general education requirements will be satisfied with respect to degree requirements.  However, some majors may require other specific general education courses as program prerequisites or program requirements.  Students should consult advisors and the program’s plan of study for further information.  Students are required to complete general education requirements by the time they have completed 90 semester hours of college work.  See General Education Requirements  for more information.

Psychology Core 28 hours

Total 43 hours

Other Major Requirements


General degree requirements for all majors state that minimum 50% of the major must be completed at NSU and minimum 50% of the major must be completed at the 3000/4000 level. 

Program assessment is required of all NSU academic departments for purposes of planning continuous improvement and meeting accreditation requirements. Psychology majors complete PSYC program assessment components for students in their final semester before graduation.


The first digit of NSU course numbers identifies the student status level for which the course is primarily intended (1000s primarily for freshmen, 2000s primarily for sophomores, 3000s primarily for juniors, and 4000s primarily for seniors).  The last digit identifies the number of credit hours for which the course is offered; zero indicates multiple offerings for varying credit hours.

Higher-numbered courses are to be taken after development of strong critical thinking, communication, and study skills in the General Education requirements as well as a solid knowledge base in Psychology in lower-numbered Psychology core requirements.  Students should not enroll in courses more than one level above student status (that is, freshmen should not attempt 3000- and 4000-level courses, and sophomores should not attempt 4000‑level courses) without consultation with the advisor.

Every Psychology core course is offered fall, spring, and summer terms.  Psychology elective courses are offered at least once per academic year.


Policies of the College of Education

ENGLISH PROFICIENCY: English proficiency is a graduation requirement. Components I and II of English proficiency should be met with grades of “C” or better prior to the completion of 60 credit hours.
UPPER DIVISION CREDIT: Total hours must include at least 40 hours of credit in courses number 3000 and above.
LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES: A minimum of 55 semester credit hours of course work for the BS/BSED degree shall be in the liberal arts and sciences and 80 credit hours of liberal arts and sciences is required for the BA/BAED degree.  Liberal Arts and Science courses are designated by a “#” after the course title.


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