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2008-09 NSU Undergraduate Catalog 
2008-09 NSU Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]


The pre-veterinary program is designed to meet the requirements of the Oklahoma State University Center for Veterinary Health Sciences. Pre-veterinary medicine students should consult with the pre-veterinary medicine advisor prior to enrollment.

The pre-professional curriculum consists of a minimum 60 semester credit hours, exclusive of military science and physical education, and may be completed in any accredited institution, but such courses and credits must be evaluated at Oklahoma State University before candidacy for professional training can be determined. Although only two years of pre-professional courses are required, most of the students currently admitted to this veterinary college have completed three to four years of college.

If a student’s application is to be reviewed by the admissions committee, he must have a minimum grade point average of 2.8 in the required pre-professional courses, determined on a 4.0 basis (A = 4). However, a grade point average higher than the minimum is needed to be competitive. A grade lower than “C” in a required course is averaged with the original grade in determining the grade point average. Higher division courses may be substituted for required pre-professional courses at the discretion of and by unanimous decision of the admissions committee, with approval of the Dean.

The admissions office at OSU requires the following NSU courses prior to entrance:

Biology Elective

 Pick at least one of the following courses

  • Animal Physiology
  • Virology
  • Immunology
  • General Ecology
  • Botany
  • Cell Biology

Humanities/Social Sciences

Pick 2 of the following classes: 

  • English literature,
  • communication,
  • music,
  • art,
  • philosophy,
  • religion,
  • language,
  • history,
  • economics,
  • anthropology,
  • political science,
  • psychology,
  • sociology, and
  • geography


Although not required business electives are strongly encouraged.

Liberal Arts and Science Courses

# – Liberal Arts & Sciences Courses