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2021-22 NSU Graduate Catalog 
2021-22 NSU Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

English, M.A. *

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OSRHE Program Code: 131
CIP Code: 230101
Major Code: 4255
Option Codes:

  • 4254 - Rhetoric/Composition
  • 4253 - Literature 


The Master of Arts in English Program prepares students for entry to the professional world or further graduate study at a comprehensive university. The program provides a generalist graduate degree that emphasizes the study of rhetoric, theory and practice in composition, research, critical skills and the literature of diverse cultures and historical periods. Graduates complete strong liberal arts experiences and become valuable citizens in their communities. The program serves as a resource center for the study of composition and diverse literature in eastern Oklahoma.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Effective research skills as demonstrated by course work and thesis.
  2. Scholarly contribution of original insights in the subject area demonstrated in required course work and thesis.
  3. Demonstration of clear scholarly prose writing in an academic context.
  4. Theoretical knowledge in the areas of rhetoric/composition and literary/cultural studies.
  5. Knowledge of major literary movements and periods.

Admission, Retention, and Graduation

Admission. Beyond the admission requirements for the Graduate College, admission to the English, M.A. program requires:

  1. Minimum of thirty undergraduate semester hours in English, excluding 1000-level or remedial coursework.
  2. Writing sample (recent research-based, minimum 5 pages in length).
  3. Statement of purpose (2 pages, identifying the student’s reasons for pursuing graduate study and interest in teaching).

Conditional Admission - Students whose GPA is below 3.0 during the last 30 hours of undergraduate course work will be required to take and pass the MAT with a score in the upper 75th percentile.

Advisement. The Graduate College assigns students an advisor upon admission to graduate studies. It is the candidate’s responsibility to make an appointment with the advisor prior to enrollment to discuss policies and procedures relevant to the degree program. Conferring with the student, the advisor develops the plan of study, reviews the Statement of Understanding, assists in the selection of classes, and counsels the student.

Retention and Graduation. Candidates for the Master of Arts in English degree must satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Continue to meet the Graduate College’s retention standards. See the Academic Information page for more information.
  2. Monitor degree progress using the degree audit system in the goNSU portal.
  3. Meet Graduate College policies detailed in Academic Information and Master’s Degree Requirements regarding GPA, minimum grades, coursework age, residency and institutional / state regulations governing degree conferral.
  4. Complete a Master’s thesis.
  • Preferably, students should take English 5033 the semester before enrolling in thesis. During the last semester prior to graduation, students must complete an acceptable Master’s thesis. Students should determine the topic in association with a first and second reader, both of whom should be on the graduate faculty. The readers and the Graduate Dean will be responsible for approval of the finished thesis. If a student does not complete the thesis in one semester, the student will receive a grade of “X” which indicates continuing research and should re-enroll in English 5993. Should a thesis fail to be accepted, the student may revise the thesis but must be enrolled in English 5993 during the revision period. Students may refer to the “Thesis Guidelines” on the Graduate College web page for information about thesis requirements.

English, M.A. - 36 hours

Required Core Courses - 18 hours

Electives - 6 hours

Choose 6 hours from the courses below or electives from concentration not chosen.

Option - 18 hrs

Select one option below.

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