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2009-10 NSU Undergraduate Catalog 
2009-10 NSU Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Criminal Justice B.S. – Criminal Justice Option

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A major may be selected from either of three options (Criminal Justice, Legal Studies, or Homeland Security) in the Criminal Justice program.  Two majors in Criminal Justice are not permitted. 


Minor Fields of Study

A minor field of study may be earned in either CRIMINAL JUSTICE, LEGAL STUDIES or HOMELAND SECURITY. Eighteen (18) semester hours minimum are required. The following restrictions apply:

  1. Individuals with a major in Criminal Justice may earn a minor in Legal Studies which is restricted to CRJ courses listed for this option.
  2. Individuals with majors in Legal Studies may earn a minor in Criminal Justice which is restricted to CRJ courses listed for this option.
  3. Individuals with majors other than Criminal Justice or Legal Studies may earn a minor in Criminal Justice or in Legal Studies.
  4. Courses may not apply to both major and minor.


Total 39 hours


At least 18 hours of advanced (3000, 4000) courses are required in the Criminal Justice major. Eighteen hours of this major must be earned at NSU. A second major may not be earned in Paralegal Studies.


Liberal Arts and Science Courses

# -- Liberal Arts & Sciences Courses

Policies of the College of Liberal Arts

LIBERAL ARTS & SCIENCES: At least 55 semester credit hours are required in the Liberal Arts and Sciences. This major, together with general education hours, provides for 59 hours.

Criminal Justice


GRADUATION REQUIREMENT: A. Minimum grade of “C” in all required (core) courses. B. 2.5 GPA in all Criminal Justice courses.
ENGLISH PROFICIENCY: English proficiency is a graduation requirement. Components I and II of English proficiency should be met with grades of “C” or better prior to the completion of 60 credit hours.
UPPER DIVISION CREDIT: Total hours must include at least 40 hours of credit in courses numbered 3000 and above.


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