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2023-24 NSU Graduate Catalog 
2023-24 NSU Graduate Catalog

Data Analytics Certificate

Location(s): Online

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OSRHE Program Code: 067
CIP Code: 520201
Certificate Code: 1597

Business Administration, M.B.A. Embedded Certificate

The certificate in Data Analytics introduce students to the fundamental tools used in practical applications of analytics and prepares them to utilize these tools in making informed decisions in their workplaces. In addition, the curriculum develops students’ ability to work effectively with technicians, system users, and managerial decision-makers; to become mentally disciplined; and to communicate data and ideas graphically, orally and in writing.

At least 25 percent of the coursework applied to this embedded certificate must be satisfactorily completed at NSU.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of organizing data and choosing analysis techniques for management applications.
  2. Demonstrate competence in operating and utilizing data visualization techniques.
  3. Solve a problem using appropriate decision analysis techniques.
  4. Write queries for extracting data from databases.

Prerequisite courses:

Admission into the certificate program is open to any student currently enrolled as a graduate student at NSU. People who are only interested in earning the certificate, but are not currently enrolled at NSU, can apply through the NSU Graduate College to be admitted for the purpose of pursuing the certificate.

Courses in the certificate program may require prerequisites.  For students who do not have the required prerequisites, transcripts and work experience will be examined by the Department Chair and course instructors to determine whether prerequisites may be waived and/or prior learning credit be given in lieu of specific prerequisites.

The following prerequisite courses must be completed at the undergraduate level or as part of the Business Administration, M.B.A. program:

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