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2023-24 NSU Graduate Catalog 
2023-24 NSU Graduate Catalog

Operations Leadership Certificate

Location(s): Online

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OSRHE Program Code: 118
CIP Code: 520205
Certificate Code: 1599

Stand-alone graduate certificate

The certificate in Operations Leadership prepares students to step into operations leadership roles in their current or prospective workplaces.  In addition, the curriculum is designed to develop the student’s ability to work effectively with teams and managerial decision-makers; to become mentally disciplined; to effect change in their organizations and to communicate orally and in writing.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe how organizational structure influences an organization’s behavior.
  2. Explain various aspects of team processes, such as communication, power, influence, conflict, and negotiation.
  3. Enhance critical thinking and analysis skills through the use of management case studies, personal application papers and small group exercises.
  4. Make decisions, implement strategies, and foster a culture that enables people and groups to work interdependently across organizational divides towards shared organizational goals.
  5. Understand the power and influence of strategic leadership and systems thinking in achieving and sustaining improved performance levels.

Prerequisite courses:

The following prerequisites must be completed as an undergraduate or through an identified course.

  • Approved UG statistics course
  • Approved UG Management course

Certificate Requirements - 15 hrs

Admission into the certificate program is open to any student currently enrolled as a graduate student at NSU. People who are only interested in earning the certificate, but are not currently enrolled at NSU, can apply through the NSU Graduate College to be admitted for the purpose of pursuing the certificate.

Courses in the certificate program may require prerequisites.  For students who do not have the required prerequisites, transcripts and work experience will be examined by the Department Chair and course instructors to determine whether prerequisites may be waived and/or prior learning credit be given in lieu of specific prerequisites.

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