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2020-21 NSU Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-21 NSU Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

MATH 3513 - Statistical Methods

CIP Code: 270501
Description: Students will apply measures of central tendency, variability, and basic probability concepts to populations and samples.  Students will estimate population means and proportions using point estimation, confidence intervals, and technology. Students will use discrete and continuous probability distributions, hypothesis testing, and linear regression to test claims.

Credit Hours: 3
Prerequisite: MATH 1313 Elementary Statistics or MATH 1523 Functions and Change or MATH 1513 College Algebra or a minimum Math ACT score of 23
Cross-listed: BADM 3933.
Note: Credit cannot be earned in both BADM 3933 and MATH 3513.
LAS Course: Yes